It’s a international health emergency, a pandemic, we all are trying hard to fight against it. At Sanjeevani hospital NTPC SINGRAULI , we are holding awareness session for our contact workers, our sanitary workers and health workers. We have developed isolation wards and taking all necessary steps to safeguard our folks.

Home Quarantine , thermal screening at gates, video conferencing with Apollo doctors, training by VC, holding mock drills, running respiratory clinic.

Despite of being in remote location and with limited resources we are trying our best to contain this pandemic. We are having motivation and support of our management and continuous guidance from our Corporate cell. Corporate medical cell has gone extra miles to provide us with all necessary materials like PPE kits, developing SOPs for our various processes and coordinating informative webinars for health workers.

We are country’s biggest power producers, hence need to be extra vigilant because ‘ if we stop , the country stops’ .

A special mention of our Power engineers who are disposing their duties with utmost sincerity even in this crisis.

May God have mercy on us soon.

3 replies on “Sanjeevani NTPC SINGRAULI FIGHTS COVID 19”

Happy to learn that Sanjeevani Hospital is working with the Mission ‘If we stop, Country stops’, and have identified ‘Lead Indicatirs’ to make it happen. Good to also see that ‘customer’ feedback are acted upon. My best wishes for Covid Free NTPC.

Wow great . You all deserve lots of appreciation and praise as a front line warriors against this Pandemic . I have witnessed you people are doing a great service to the society and nation . Please keep good work continue. You all made me feel proud to be associated with NTPC and specially to Sanjeevani hospital. My best wishes to You and team Sanjeevani hospital.

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