If you are in the market for buying new prescription eyeglasses or if trying to purchase online, then you are more likely to get confused with a lot of varieties available in front of you. Lenses are the most important element, and one should know more about the varieties of those before any purchase.
Eyeglasses are more admired than ever. Even it is more popular among those with perfect vision. It has become a style statement for many.Owning a good collection of glasses in your wardrobe will surely interest you.
In this post you will get a lot of information regarding different types and the different advantages of the lenses options those are available to you in the market. You should know what you are investing in so let us get into the details of those.
One of the basic things that you notice while shopping for a perfect pair of glasses are the frames. Selecting a suitable perfect pair of glasses is fun and a satisfying experience. How exactly will you make a correct choice out of these types of glass frames?
Eyeglass Frames for All Occasion

The style matters. The occasion in which you will style also matters. Different frames are suitable for various occasions and various purposes and yes there is no such fancy rule to choose one. More precisely one should select the frames depending upon their personal preference. You will get n number of choices in the market but to choose one for you is your choice. Make a statement out of these options you get. Try more so that you get a better understanding of the shape that suits you.

Full frame, semi-rimless and rimless frames are the primary types of frames. You get unique and different look and feel with these varieties of frames.
1. Full-Rimmed frames

If you are looking for a full-rim frame which gives you a bold look then go for it. The speciality about full rimmed frame is you have a fully enclosed frame. The frame is surrounded either by metal, plastic or any polycarbonate frame.The material of the frame can vary depending upon your preference. It can be either acetate or plastic or metal or even titanium. You can even get those in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles.
You can wear it with any casual outfits. This will give you a bold look with minimal efforts on other accessories.The colour and shapes enhance the appearance of these frames.
2. Rimless Frames

People who are very particular about a minimal look and a light weight feel kind of specs, Rimless frames are the best that they should go for. It gives you a modern look. You can find plenty of style. The only elements that you will observe in the rimless glasses are the temple arms, the Nose Bridge, and hinges. The lenses are mounted directly to the bridge or on the temples.
These frames will help you keep out of sight or in other words your specs won’t look like a dominating feature on your face. Unlike the Rimed frames there are not any lavishing appearance.You will find this in various metals, including titanium.
3. Semi-Rimless Frames.

Now that you are aware of both Rimmedand Rimless frames. It might happen you admire both the features and would like to try out for yourself the features of both the frames. Well, you got Semi-rimmed frames which will help to fulfil your desire. Partial from both the worlds of rimmed and rimless, this hybrid frames are more durable than the rimless frames. The other thing to note is they are affordable also. These semi-rimmed glasses will complete you with a dynamic and a sleek look. This might also make you look intelligent or smart. These are lighter weight than the full rimmed and durable than the rimless.
4. Low bridge frames

Say goodbye to the slippery glasses! For those who are getting irritated due to the continuous fall of the frames gliding down your nose bridge then worry not as low bridge frames are so designed to relax you from this issue.
TheLow Bridge Fit frames are designed for those who have low nose bridges. People with flat face and high cheek bones can opt for these kinds of frames. The frames are usually available in variousfavourite styles.
These are trendier and more fashionable at numerous occasions. The low bridge frames can avoid the glasses from touching your cheeks and even prevents from sliding down the nose or squeezing it. You will have an overall better glasses experience using the low bridge frames.

5. Wire Frames

Wire frames are the outstanding eyeglass frames. These products are usually termed as cosmopolitanchoice as it is often seen as sophisticated and attractive at the same time. The wire frames are light in weight than the plastics and are thus more comfortable to wear.
Usually, circular lens shapes fit these kinds of frames but you can also find it in heart shapes and variety of other mix patterns.

Some people always are careless about wearing spectacles usually because they think it doesn’t suit their face or maybe it is out of trend. See this kind of approach towards health will really harm you.
Prior to shopping for new glasses, it isalways good and essential to visit your eye doctor. Schedule an eye exam; get a prescription from an eye doctor. This will ensure what type of vision correction you need. Your optometrist will suggest you an eye prescription so that you can visit an optician to select the new glasses for you.
Before you get one for you let us see the various types of glasses (Both Prescription Glasses and Non- Prescription Glasses) and lenses,with their benefits and uses; so that you have a better understanding of what your doctor prescribes you. Here are the explanations for the same.
A) Prescription Glasses
1. Single vision: These are very common type of eyeglass lenses. These lenses are used to correct the vision at a specific distance. It can be a far sight distance or the near ones. If your optometrist says that you are near-sighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism then most probably you will be prescribed for single vision lenses.
2. Bifocal:These are multifocal which means 2 different powers are included in them. This partition in lens helps to correct distance vision and near vision. These lenses are usually prescribed for people who have problems with multiple visions.
3. Trifocal: The trifocal lenses are way similar tobifocals, but they also contain an additional power to correct the intermediate vision. This section can be used to view a computer screen. You can see a distinct line between these fields.
Initially it is a task to get adjusted with this type of lens but gradually one acquires the ability to adjust with the frames thus making comfortable vision.
The main difficulty with bifocal and trifocal lenses is that they always come along with a distinctive line due to which the sections of the lens create drastically different vision. There is no smoothness in the lens. While most people get used to these trifocal lenses without any issue. There have been lots of advancements done in these lenses and thus the progressive form of these lenses is called as the progressive lenses.
4. Progressive Lens:These lenses are suitable for anyone who needs bifocal or trifocals. The progressive lenses perform like bifocal or trifocal lenses but with a smoother transition between each section. The transition is smooth because there is no presence of intermediate lines. Due to which the vision becomes smoother and thus is the common choice of the public.

B) Non-prescription glasses: These types of glasses are also known as Fake glasses. In these categories of glasses, you will get a variety of range of preventive eye care, safety, and fashion.If you are suffering from digital eye strain, double vision, or getting headaches from your reading glasses,then get an eye exam and see if you need any prescription glasses.

The non-prescription glasses are mainly used as fashion accessories. However, they may also serve you as safety glasses at certain low-risk situations.

1. Digital Protection (Glasses with Blue Light Blocking):Computer glasses are becoming more popular among the crowd. These days many of them spend their time on computers, phones, and other digital screens. These devices have become a significant portion of their day. These glasses help your eyes to protect from the blue light that is emitted while using the digital screens and thus enhance to improve the sleep schedule.
2. Safety Glasses:The safety glasses are used by many professionals during construction work or at science laboratories, welding, plumbing, electrical work, auto repair and more. These are very cheap which can protect your eyes from getting harmed.
3. Sunglasses:If you need vision correction then get your goggles fitted with prescription safety glasses. In this way you get the effect of two lenses in one frame.
Sunglasses also come with polarized or UV protection treatment.
4. Reading Glasses: This type of glasses can be used with or with prescription of doctor. They are used to improve your visions to see things, read books, newspapers, also can be used while on laptops and phone screens. They are also known as number
Types of Lenses
There are varieties of lens options that you get while you shop for choosing your glasses.
1. Glass Lenses: Glass lens gives an excellent visual sharp sight but are very prone to breaking and it can get damaged due to cracking. These are unpopular these days due to its weight and safety issues. These are mostly available now in plastic form.
2. Plastic Lenses: It is common to find plastic lenses these days. As the material is cheaper, lighter, and safer so you will find the lenses affordable and comfortable.

The high –Index plastic lenses are lighter than the plastic lenses.
3. Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses: You will find these lenses used in majority of sport goggles and safety glasses and even in children’s eyewear. As the material trivex is very light weight and is also durable plastic, the lenses made from these materials are also thinner and durable.
4. Aspheric lenses: Most aspheric lenses also are high-index lenses. The combination of an aspheric design with high-index lens materials creates a lens that is noticeably slimmer, thinner, and lighter than conventional glass or plastic lenses.Aspheric lenses result in sharper images, especially at wider apertures, and can also be designed to minimise other optical imperfections such as chromatic aberrations. Aspherical lenses are more challenging to manufacture, which makes them more expensive.

5. High definition lenses: These are a little expensive than the traditional lenses because of the advanced technology used to create wave frontlenses,the visualperceptiveness gets to the next level.
6. Photochromatic Lenses: These lenses are commonly known as Transitions. These are one of the popular choices. Theycan darken when they are exposed to UV rays because of which it eliminates the need for sunglasses. One will serve both the purpose. These lenses are available in all types of prescription lens.
7. Scratch-Resistant Coating: If you are to apply a clear starch coating to the front and back of the lenses then the probability of the durability to increase is high. You can simply get it added with a few additional costs for all the lenses that you use.
8. Anti-reflective coating: The anti-reflective coatingeradicates the reflections from the lenses. Thus improves the comfort and visibility especially when you are driving or using screens at night. This technique helps your lenses to be almost invisible such that others hardly see these lenses. They will now be able to see your eyes through your lenses clearly.
9. Anti- fog coating: People living in cold climate are aware of how much their lenses get affected during use. Anti-fog coating effectively eradicated this fogging effect. Permanent anti-fog treatments are also available, but you can also opt for the drops that you need to apply weekly on your lenses by yourself.
10. UV Blocking lens: As the skin needs sunblock similarly does our eyes. The UV blocking lens act as a sunblock for our eyeballs. This lens reduces the amount of UV rays that reaches our eyes. The exposures to UV rays are harmful for our eyes. It can lead to the development of cataracts.

Knowing about the varieties of lenses will help you choose the best fit for you.

Care Your Eyeglasses:

Now being aware of all the varieties of lenses and frames, if you fail to protect your lenses and do not use it properly then it won’t be durable too. So here are some great tips for you so that you take utmostcare of your lenses and frames to help them last long.
• Rinse: Rinse your glasses with water before cleaning or wiping them. The tiny particles of dust or dirt can settle on your lens, and if you tend to wipe those around on a dry lens, it can be abrasive.
• Use cleaning liquid: You can use cleaning liquid for lenses to clean the frames. Make use of those several times when the lenses get messy. It can keep your eyeglasses clean from any kind of dust and also protect it from getting blurry which may tend to affect your vision. Also, sometimes it leads to headache and other problems.
• Spray Carefully: Make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals on your eyeglass lenses. These sprays or a harsh chemical contains ammonia which can easily tear off the coating on the lens. Thus, making the lens reduce its efficiency or life.
• Air Dry: Allow to dry the glasses in air itself. In this way you can keep any materials getting on the lens. You can also use a clean lint-free cloth to do so.
• Use of right cloth: Do not use any kind of tissues or papers to clean your dry lenses. Your skin might find it softer and smoother, but it might scratch your lenses giving behind a mark on it. If you keep on doing this wrongly then over a period you will see the scratches on your lenses.
• Grip Firmly:Make sure the frames are gripped properly across the bridge of the nose.So, hold it properly while cleaning to avoid any bends on the frame so that you don’t make the frame getting uncomfortable.
• Store at Proper Place:If you are not wearing the glasses then make sure you keep them in a safer place where there is not any chance of it getting scratched or bent or broken. Keep it inside the case or even in the microfiber pouches.

Eye-wear:-Do’s and Don’ts

• While the lenses are dry try not to wipe them off.
• Don’t wipe lenses with any kind of tissue, paper towel, or paper napkin. They might have a rough surface.
• Don’t use spit or saliva to clean, as it may contain oil or any other thing which can damage your lens. Similarly exhaling on your lens is also not recommended for cleaning.
• Keep your glasses away from ammonia, vinegar, and bleach like chemicals.
• Avoid keeping the glasses in a hot car or on the top of the dashboard.
• Prefer a hard-shell case with the right size for your glasses.
• Don’t put you glasses inside your bag or pocket.
• Always lay glasses down the lenses facing upwards.
• Use both the hands to put glasses on and while taking them off.
• Avoid touching your lenses.
• Don’t rest your glasses on your head when you are not using it.
• Avoid using glasses when you are showering, sleeping, and swimming or doing some sports activities.
Follow these tips, so that you keep your super clean specs behind. If you spend a little more time to find the right pair of glasses, then you can perfectly express your style with the help of these above tips that has been shared in this post.



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